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The Greatest Superhero Movie of All Time Poll!

Yes, it’s back! Though in a slightly different and more sophisticated form this time around. Round 2 of the Great Comic Book Superhero Movie of All Time poll, this time with seedings based on actual data and a slightly larger scope.


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Here’s how the field and seeds were determined.

We pulled the world wide box office numbers for Superhero movies from Box Office Mojo as of the week of May 20 and used those to determine the 64 films in the field. We then ranked the films by box office, Rotten Tomatoes aggregate critical score, and RT aggregate audience score to determine the seeds. Ties were broken by box office ranking. You can see the seeding and date here: Rankings.

We will start our voting out this week with the first round of the Jack Kirby bracket, which features an intriguing first round matchup between 5th seeded Iron Man and the #12 seed Hellboy.

Let your voice be heard again, and help us determine the Great Superhero Movie of All Time (GSMOAT)!


Mundanity Podcast “Spoiler Free” Review: Fantastic 4 (or the superhero movie that could have been)

Fantastic 4 is the latest offering from Fox (the studio that brought you “X-Men: Days of Future Past”… which they are often to promote in trailers and posters), was released in theaters today.  Now this is an important reboot at least two reasons, first of which, is that it is one of the main Marvel comic book properties… the “First Family” of Marvel, if you will.  Second, it is important to Fox to release a property other than X-Men that is not only popular, but profitable.

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