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Episode 39: Welcome to 2016

Hello Mundanity podcast listeners. We here at pod HQ have a bit of a heavy heart today, as news broke this morning of the untimely passing of the great David Bowie. I am sure we will talk more about him next week on the pod, but suffice to say that we have lost one of few people who could rightly be called a genius.

For now, we present to you our first podcast of 2016, and it is a good one. We catch up on each others holidays, including Shawn’s epic haul of Lego sets and Pop Vinyls (remember people, he is 45 years old), debut a new segment where we talk about each episode of the final season of Downton Abbey, give some rather ham-fisted Golden Globe predictions, and finish off with some deep dive spoiler talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That segment picks up around the 55 minute mark, so be sure to drop off when you hear us warn you about 300 times that spoilers are nigh if you are one of the 4 or 5 people left in the world who haven’t see it yet.

Thanks as always for listening, and happy New Year to you all!

Jim and Shawn

Episode 38: The best of 2015

For our final podcast of 2015, we are pulling out all of the stops. That means another edition of Mundanity Podcast Live, recorded on the porch here at Casa JLo, with special guest appearances by Emily, Byron, Brandon, aka our kids, as well as Herbet the Hawk. We of course talk about the box office shattering phenomenom called Star Wars: The Force Awakens (no spoilers), as well as our favorite movies, music, and films of the year.

We wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons and a wonderful 2016. Thanks to all of you for listening, and we will see you next year!


Jim and Shawn

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler Free Review

Submitted by guest contributor Scott Damiano

I saw Star Wars Episode VII last night.
I had been avoiding much about the movie mainly because of there being too much marketing, especially for a film which has a large enough fan base that it seems they would not even need to show a trailer to promote it. So, I didn’t even have a loose idea of the plot. That being said…

I hate to kill a part of my childhood here, or to set anyone’s hopes too high, but it is by far my favorite of all the films.

First, it has a great story that is very believable within that universe and makes sense given the (roughly) 30 years since the last story. It is interesting, you want to see where it goes, and it sets itself up well both for this film and what will happen in future episodes.

Second, the pace and action were spot on. It had no dull spots yet also wasn’t go-go-go with endless action scenes (such as Transformers). Somehow they seemed to fit more than I thought they could in a movie that is only about 2:00-2:20.

Third, the special effects were superb. A great mix of physical effects and CG. Things blended well not just compared to the previous installments, but even compared to a lot of recent films.

Fourth, it has a good ending to this installment. Although it makes you excited for the next one, it doesn’t feel like a real cliffhanger falling short and making you impatient to see what happens next. It holds up more like Episode IV, good on it’s own.

As for spoilers (which I will not post here), there are two major ones that could potentially get out. So watch what you read and honestly I would try to make it out asap. Not that it would ‘ruin’ the movie, but there will be much greater effect if you go in fresh.


Episode 37: Return of the pub

Hey listeners, guess what? It is the week you have been waiting for. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out this week. Are you exited? You can bet your lightsaber that Mr. Tabor is. In honor of this momentous week, we return to our conversation at The Pub in Tampa with our good friend, Nick Parrucci. We continue our discussion of the commodification and commercialization of geek culture, what makes a “geek” or a “nerd” and how those definitions have changed over time, and get Nick’s long-time fan take on the new film, and what his hopes and fears are for the series going forward. It is a really fun conversation, and one that we had a blast doing.

Our thanks again to the fine folks at The Pub for putting up with us, including our fantastic server, Brittany. And a very special thanks to our special guest and voice of the listener, Nick.

Cheers, and thanks for listening. And enjoy the movie!

Jim and Shawn

Episode 30: The Force Awakens

Not much need for a description today. This episode is pretty much dedicated to one thing: The Force Awakens.

Force Awakens

You may have heard mention of this movie once or twice. Maybe.

We break down the recently released trailer, and give our predictions about what is to come on December 18 when the movie finally hits theaters. And by “we”, I really mean “Shawn.” I’m just along for the ride on this one. Also, we get a surprise return visit from Emily when Shawn goes to investigate the source of some background music in his house, with hilarious results.

Cheers, and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn

Episode 29: The listeners strike back

We are debuting a new segment for episode 29 called Voice of the Listener, and it debuts with our good friend and Rush fanboy Nick Parrucci weighing on with a (foolish) comparison between Radiohead and Rush. I can only assume his judgment was clouded by his giddiness at seeing comedy legends John Cleese and Eric Idle on the same night, though perhaps one too many horchata and rums played a part as well. Before all of that, Shawn and I finally relent and engage in some serious binge watching that the other has been demanding, with Shawn seeking late entry to the Clone Club (#teamHelena) by watching Orphan Black, while I jump on The Flash train with my son. Both of us are kicking ourselves for not giving in sooner. We also talk about all of the fast-breaking Star Wars news, and relaunch the Mundanity Pod Charity Challenge. This time, I agree to do the one thing that I hate above all else – run.

Cheers, and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn

Episode 21: It’s Fall Movie Preview Time!

Episode 21! Our pod is legal now, so please feel free to buy it a drink if you see it out somewhere. It’s time for the Fall Movie Preview, where Shawn attempts to run through the upcoming new releases in a calm and orderly fashion while I harass and generally makes things difficult for him, because, why not? We also congratulate Guardians of the Galaxy for winning our Greatest Comic Book Movie of All Time poll (thanks to all who voted!), go highbrow and chat about the amazing new Banksy Dismaland exhibit, and hear Shawn tell a story that I’m sure will resonate with all of you runner types out there while I ask the question “What exactly is it about running that makes you people immediately lose control of your digestive systems?”

Cheers, and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn

Episode 3: Star Wars Celebration!

Hello! Episode 3 is here a day later than usual, but with good reason. Shawn returns from Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim with stories of falling poles, JJ Abrams’ pizza, and scoring seats near VIPs for the Force Awakens trailer premiere. The guys also discuss the episodes 1-6 of Marvel’s brilliant, grimy, and gloriously violent Daredevil, tell the world about the relentlessly unfunny Paul Blart sequel, and drop some legendary comedy into their time capsules.

Be aware that there are significant spoilers for Daredevil in this episode, so avert your ears at the 53:30 mark if you want to avoid them.

Thanks to Travel Time with Mickey & Universal for sponsoring this episode!

Cheers and thanks for listening,

Jim and Shawn

Episode 2: Hashbrown good pod

Welcome to episode 2 of the Mundanity podcast! Now on iTunes! This week we talk all things Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (no spoilers), sing the praises of season 1 of Better Call Saul (27:15 to 37:30 if you’re looking to avoid the spoilers here), beg ABC and Marvel for another season of Agent Carter, rant about Record Store Day, and announce our very first giveaway! Listen in for your chance to win your choice of the one of the six Star Wars films on digital HD.

Also, listen to Shawn take a simple question about Loki, unhinge his jaw, and unleash a torrent of knowledge that has left me a bit woozy still two days later.

This episode of the Mundanity podcast is sponsored by Travel Time with Mickey & Universal. Use the offer code “HOBBIT” and receive a $20 Disney gift card when you book your dream vacation!. Contact Katherine at or on Facebook at Traveltimemickeykatherine for more information.

Cheers and thanks so much for listening!

Jim and Shawn