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Hey, where did the podcast go?

In case you haven’t heard, as of Episode 43 (released the week of Feb. 8), all of our podcast episodes going forward are found on our new Libsyn page, and can be streamed there. So, if you have streamed the podcast from directly from this page in the past, head on over to the Libsyn site for all of your Mundanity web streaming needs. Eventually, we hope to have our entire catalogue of episodes available on Libsyn as well, including the now lost “classic” episodes.

You can also listen to the pod on your favorite mobile device by subscribing to the the pod using the Apple Podcast App, Stitcher, and coming soon to the Google Play Store.

We will of course continue to update this site with content, so come back and visit from time to time and check things out.


Jim and Shawn

Episode 41: A 2016 Preview

Greetings, and welcome to episode 41 of the Mundanity podcast. This week we preview the TV and film that we are most looking forward to in 2016, I give you my most anticipated albums of the upcoming year, and we review The Revenant (spoiler-free), including input from our returning special correspondent, Emily. We wrap up with our weekly recap of Downton Abbey (S6, episode 3), including our list of those characters most likely to be killed off by Julian Fellowes before the end of the season.

Cheers all, and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn


Episode 21: It’s Fall Movie Preview Time!

Episode 21! Our pod is legal now, so please feel free to buy it a drink if you see it out somewhere. It’s time for the Fall Movie Preview, where Shawn attempts to run through the upcoming new releases in a calm and orderly fashion while I harass and generally makes things difficult for him, because, why not? We also congratulate Guardians of the Galaxy for winning our Greatest Comic Book Movie of All Time poll (thanks to all who voted!), go highbrow and chat about the amazing new Banksy Dismaland exhibit, and hear Shawn tell a story that I’m sure will resonate with all of you runner types out there while I ask the question “What exactly is it about running that makes you people immediately lose control of your digestive systems?”

Cheers, and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn

Guardians of the Galaxy is the Greatest Comic Book Movie of All Time (…so far)

One month ago we asked our fans the ultimate question…What is the GREATEST Comic Book Movie of ALL TIME (…so far)?  We picked 64 of the top grossing box office comic book based movies from the past almost 40 years and put them head to head, in the style of the NCAA Tournament.  We had four “divisional” brackets, named after Comic Book greats (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Bob Kane and Siegel/Shuster) and over the past month we had our fans vote to declare a winner.  You chose GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY over Captain America: Winter Soldier as your winner.  Let’s take a look at what it took for GOTG and Winter Soldier to make it to the finals…

Logos trademark of Marvel, DC, Disney, Warner Bros respectively

Logos trademark of Marvel, DC, Disney, Warner Bros respectively

At first glance, GOTG’s run to the finals against CA: Winter Soldier looks pretty impressive.  But when we base the comparison of the movies faced in the GCBMoaT by historical US Box Office dollars, the feat is a bit more impressive.  GOTG had to defeat The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 2 in order to make it to the Finals vs. CA: Winter Soldier.  The worldwide box office for all GOTG opponents totaled $1,642,146,754.00. Guardians of the Galaxy, in terms of both US Box Office numbers well as fan reception well deserves the title of Greatest Comic Book Movie of all Time!

Worldwide Box Office numbers for GOTG and all opponents in the GCBMoaT

US Box Office numbers for GOTG and all opponents in the GCBMoaT

Similarly, Cap’s run to the finals against Guardians looks less impressive when we put it into the context of the box office.  The biggest box office numbers come from GOTG, with Iron Man second in the bracket.  Both of these films were the greatest competition to Cap during the tournament.  The worldwide box office for all Captain America opponents totaled $988,065,053.00.  That is a 1.6x difference in GOTG’s favor…Wow.

Worldwide Box Office numbers for CA: Winter Soldier and all opponents in the GCBMoaT

US Box Office numbers for CA: Winter Soldier and all opponents in the GCBMoaT

However, this tournament was not based on Box Office numbers in any way…the movies were not seeded but rather placed in the brackets by random number generator. What this does say for Captain America: Winter Soldier is that even though it made less than Iron Man, or an inflation adjusted Superman II ($294,360,393.94 in 2015 dollars), it is a very compelling superhero comic book movie that deserves to be counted as one of the very best. 

What if the superheroes actually fought?

Interesting… what if our little podcast based tournament was a Battle World fight to the death?  Well, I think that the Guardians path to the title would have gone down like this:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy v. Green Lantern
    Green Lantern materializes giant death ray to destroy the Guardians.  Rocket hits Green Lantern over the head with a yellow prosthetic leg that he tricked Star-Lord into stealing.  Green Lantern is weak against yellow, Star-Lord blasts him into a nearby sun.  Guardians win!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy v. Incredible Hulk
    Guardians stumble upon Hulk while flying over the Pacific Northwest in the Milano.  Gamora and Drax jump out to attack Hulk and while they put up a good fight, Hulk is still standing… as Drax and Gamora continue to fight.  After a long a brutal battle, Rocket grows tired of the shenanigans and creates a dimensional portal gun out of items laying around in the Milano and fires it at Hulk, sending him to another place in space and time.  Guardians win!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy v. Big Hero 6
    Groot pops him. Guardians win!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy v. The Dark Knight
    Batman interrupts Rocket from stealing parts from within Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division which begins the fight.  Rocket is immobilized via Batarang deployed electrical net and Star-Lord jumps in to free his furry friend.  Batman attempts to stun Star-Lord with his cape, Star-Lord dodges and throws a Gravity Mine to slam Batman to the ground.  Drax jumps in to attack the Dark Knight as Groot goes to free Rocket.  Batman uses his grappling gun to extricate himself from the twin bladed attack of the Destroyer.  Batman throws a smoke grenade to mask himself against his foes and begins a shrouded assault on the Guardians.  Groot senses this and grows flowers and leaves which clear the air.  As the smoke quickly dissipates, Drax finds his mark and attacks the Bat.  Noticing her opportunity, Gamora swoops in from the side and deals a painful shot to Batman’s upper body, knocking him unconscious.  Guardians win!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy v. Spider-Man 2
    Spider-Man is swinging on his web through Manhattan when his spidey sense begins to tingle… a large alien ship is coming in over Atlantic Ocean!  An epic battle ensues (translation, it’s late and I am running out of pseudo-clever situations) and Spidey is defeated.  Guardians win!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy v. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    Captain America beats up Star-Lord, Gamora defeats Black Widow, Groot grounds Falcon, Rocket dismantles Bucky’s robot arm and Drax and the rest of the team subdue Cap.  Guardians win!

Well, that is how I see it.  It was a lot of fun interacting with our fans, and interesting to see how everything pans out in the end.  It came down to Jlo vs. Shawn.  And Shawn lost… but this guy isn’t bitter (yes he is).  Because really, doesn’t EVERYONE win with polls on the Internet?  You betcha!  EXCELSIOR!

Shawn & JLo

Episode 17: Wait, what did you say?

This episode is primarily a look at the best television, movies, and music of the first half of 2015, but that’s not the real story here. Pretty early on I out myself as one of the world’s biggest Jem and the Holograms fans, and I’m not sure that Shawn has accepted and/or forgiven me for it (plus, I rap briefly, so make of that what you will.) We also talk briefly about the Emmy nominations, mainly about how The Americans got completely shafted and how unfunny we found Orange is the New Black in our brief attempt to watch it.

Cheers and thanks for listening,

Jim and Shawn

Episode 14: Throwing shade

It’s the episode of the Mundanity podcast that you’ve all been waiting for! After flooding you with positivity for weeks, we take off the gloves and give you an hour of things that are really bothering us, including getting old, Johnny Lawrence (Sweep the leg, Johnny!), Rachel Maddow, Guy Fieri, and the Confederate flag. So sit back and enjoy our #Worst15 (with all due props and respect to the The Best Show for blatantly stealing adapting their #Worst100 concept).

Cheers, thanks for listening, and happy belated birthday, America!

Jim and Shawn

Episode 10: Winter is here

This week, we look back at episodes 5-8 of Game of Thrones, including the amazing Hardhome episode from last week. In order to stay a step ahead of the Night’s King’s army of the undead, we’re dropping this pod a couple of days early to give you something to chew on before the penultimate episode of the season. We also drop our top 5 TV episodes into the the time capsules, give The Entourage movie some more of the ridicule it surely deserves, and listen to Shawn’s befuddled reaction to watching the unholy mess that is Jupiter Ascending on his last flight across country.

Needless to say, there are major Game of Thrones spoilers in this episode (the spoiler song makes a triumphant return at around the 41:45 mark), so tread lightly. As always, we thank you for listening!


Jim and Shawn

Episode 8: A Farewell to Dave

Greetings! We hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day holiday.  This week we say a fond goodbye to the great David Letterman, talk about the next-level leap that Inside Amy Schumer has taken this season, and have a chat with our friend and film critic for, Rowan Morrison, about his favorite action films and his take on the film of the summer, Mad Max: Fury Road.

As always, thanks for listening, and we hope you take some time today to remember those who gave the “last full measure of devotion” in service to their country.


Jim and Shawn

Episode 6: Valar Mundanditus, Too

Hello! In  episode 6 of the Mundanity podcast we pour a glass of Dornish red and catch up with our friends from Westeros, so spoiler alert for episodes 1-4 of Game of Thrones. (Note that this doesn’t include the episode that aired last night, Sunday, May 10.) The GoT talk kicks in around the 51 minute mark if you want to avoid any spoilers and descriptions of the Lannister’s prodigious ability to drink wine. Before that, Shawn gives a shout out to Chris and Sue, two charming ladies he met at a recent Minnesota Twins game, and we rank the films of the MCU from worst to first and argue about who gets it right (spoiler alert here, Shawn is totally wrong).

Cheers, and a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of the awesome moms out there not named Cersi Lannister. Thanks for listening!

Episode 4: The Summer Movie Preview Extravaganza!

Hello friends, listeners, and Gleeks alike! Episode 4 is the summer movie preview extravaganza, where the guys share with you the movies that they are most looking forward to this summer (and a few that they are not), and debate whether Marvel’s Ant Man will be a must see film of the summer or just a giant missed opportunity (editor’s note: “It’s the latter, definitely.” – JLo). The guys also draft a pop culture All Star Team, so listen in for Shawn’s tortured explanation on why Bill Gates earns a seat at his table, and as Jim reveals his 11-year-old self’s not-so-secret crush on Karen Allen.

Many thanks again to Travel Time with Mickey & Universal for sponsoring this episode, and to our friends The Gita for the awesome theme music.

Cheers and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn