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Great Superhero Movie of All Time Poll: Bob Kane Bracket

Hey, it’s that time again! We want to know what you think is the Greatest Superhero Movie of All Time (GSMOAT). You can see the full brackets here with an explanation of the seedings (and how this differs from the last time we did this), but for now, it’s time to vote in round 1 of the Bob Kane bracket.

Let you voice be heard! Voting in this poll will close on Tuesday.

Cheers, and happy voting!

The Greatest Superhero Movie of All Time Poll!

Yes, it’s back! Though in a slightly different and more sophisticated form this time around. Round 2 of the Great Comic Book Superhero Movie of All Time poll, this time with seedings based on actual data and a slightly larger scope.


Click for a larger view

Here’s how the field and seeds were determined.

We pulled the world wide box office numbers for Superhero movies from Box Office Mojo as of the week of May 20 and used those to determine the 64 films in the field. We then ranked the films by box office, Rotten Tomatoes aggregate critical score, and RT aggregate audience score to determine the seeds. Ties were broken by box office ranking. You can see the seeding and date here: Rankings.

We will start our voting out this week with the first round of the Jack Kirby bracket, which features an intriguing first round matchup between 5th seeded Iron Man and the #12 seed Hellboy.

Let your voice be heard again, and help us determine the Great Superhero Movie of All Time (GSMOAT)!


Episode 41: A 2016 Preview

Greetings, and welcome to episode 41 of the Mundanity podcast. This week we preview the TV and film that we are most looking forward to in 2016, I give you my most anticipated albums of the upcoming year, and we review The Revenant (spoiler-free), including input from our returning special correspondent, Emily. We wrap up with our weekly recap of Downton Abbey (S6, episode 3), including our list of those characters most likely to be killed off by Julian Fellowes before the end of the season.

Cheers all, and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn


Episode 40: Hans Gruber and The Goblin King

Greetings and thanks for checking out Episode 40 of the podcast. This week, we spend most of our time talking about the passing of two greats, David Bowie and Alan Rickman, and what they meant to us personally. As per usual these days, Shawn relays a story about Bowie that relates to another formative childhood trauma, but really, does that surprise you by now?  We wrap things up with our weekly visit to the Crawley household, discussing all the doings from last week’s Downton Abbey episode.

If you have not already, you check out our career spanning David Bowie playlist on Spotify.

Cheers, and thanks very much for listening!

Jim and Shawn


Episode 39: Welcome to 2016

Hello Mundanity podcast listeners. We here at pod HQ have a bit of a heavy heart today, as news broke this morning of the untimely passing of the great David Bowie. I am sure we will talk more about him next week on the pod, but suffice to say that we have lost one of few people who could rightly be called a genius.

For now, we present to you our first podcast of 2016, and it is a good one. We catch up on each others holidays, including Shawn’s epic haul of Lego sets and Pop Vinyls (remember people, he is 45 years old), debut a new segment where we talk about each episode of the final season of Downton Abbey, give some rather ham-fisted Golden Globe predictions, and finish off with some deep dive spoiler talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That segment picks up around the 55 minute mark, so be sure to drop off when you hear us warn you about 300 times that spoilers are nigh if you are one of the 4 or 5 people left in the world who haven’t see it yet.

Thanks as always for listening, and happy New Year to you all!

Jim and Shawn

Episode 38: The best of 2015

For our final podcast of 2015, we are pulling out all of the stops. That means another edition of Mundanity Podcast Live, recorded on the porch here at Casa JLo, with special guest appearances by Emily, Byron, Brandon, aka our kids, as well as Herbet the Hawk. We of course talk about the box office shattering phenomenom called Star Wars: The Force Awakens (no spoilers), as well as our favorite movies, music, and films of the year.

We wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons and a wonderful 2016. Thanks to all of you for listening, and we will see you next year!


Jim and Shawn

Episode 37: Return of the pub

Hey listeners, guess what? It is the week you have been waiting for. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out this week. Are you exited? You can bet your lightsaber that Mr. Tabor is. In honor of this momentous week, we return to our conversation at The Pub in Tampa with our good friend, Nick Parrucci. We continue our discussion of the commodification and commercialization of geek culture, what makes a “geek” or a “nerd” and how those definitions have changed over time, and get Nick’s long-time fan take on the new film, and what his hopes and fears are for the series going forward. It is a really fun conversation, and one that we had a blast doing.

Our thanks again to the fine folks at The Pub for putting up with us, including our fantastic server, Brittany. And a very special thanks to our special guest and voice of the listener, Nick.

Cheers, and thanks for listening. And enjoy the movie!

Jim and Shawn

Episode 36: Soiled kimono

Soiled kimono. How is that for an enigmatic title? Well, once you have seen Bill Murray’s gloriously bizarre Christmas special, A Very Murray Christmas, it will make perfect sense. We talked about that slice of holiday fried gold, as well as the unfortunate but unsurprising demise of Scott Weiland, our favorite Christmas specials, the underwhelming Batman v. Superman trailer, and the uneven wrap to this series of Doctor Who. Would somebody please get Peter Capaldi some scripts worthy of his prodigious talent? There are some spoilers here for the season finale of Doctor Who, so you have been warned.

As always, we thank you for listening.

Jim and Shawn

Episode 35: It yelped!

Feeling a little sluggish post Thanksgiving turkey coma/Black Friday shopping spree? Episode 35 of the Mundanity podcast is here to help shake you out of that slumber. The week we recap the road to Shawn’s, um, non-traditional holiday meal, gaze in awe at the world-conquering phenomenon that is Adele’s 25, shout out to the end of Alex Hirsch’s exceptional Gravity Falls, and dissect the Captain America: Civil War trailer that dropped seemingly out of nowhere last week. Listen below or subscribe to the pod via iTunes.

Cheers, and thanks as always for listening.

Jim and Shawn

Episode 32a: SPECTRE spoilercast!

So here’s the appendix to our last episode, only this one is full of spoilers for SPECTRE. Let me make this as clear as possible: if you have not seen the movie yet, and do not want some major plot details spoiled for you, give this one a pass. Did we mention there were spoilers? YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Jim and Shawn (and Nick)