The Mundanity podcast is proudly dedicated to shining a light on the most mundane corners of pop culture.

Your host Jim is giant of a fella, near 10 feet tall and a 100 stone by legend. He is an analog guy somehow getting by in a digital world who preaches to all that will listen about the superiority of vinyl, 35mm film, and the printed word. He believes strongly that zombies never run and Susanna Hoffs deserves to be in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Your cherubic co-host Shawn is the Yin to Jim’s Yang.  Shawn is a staunch believer in three things:  The Doctor always lies, Young Frankenstein is the finest film ever to be put on celluloid and Han (most assuredly) shot first.  He loves gaming of all kinds, comic books and has an odd affinity for Pop Vinyl figurines.  It has always been a dream of his to entertain others via podcast…and dare we say that dream has come true,*

* At the time of publishing, it is still up for debate whether or not Shawn has actually “entertained” anyone other than himself.

Cheers and thanks for listening.

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