Radiooooo… is a sound salvation

Instead of a playlist, I actually have something better for you. Take a second to read that again. I said I have something better for you than one of my playlists. Mark this day on your calendar, because that’s a sentence that I won’t often write or say.

Today’s post is all about my newest musical obsession, Radiooooo. Consider it a music time machine. To put it in terms my hobbit co-host would understand, it makes you a musical Time Lord, giving you the ability to travel to just about any country, in any decade since the 1900s, and hear the music that people in that country were listening to at that time. It even lets you filter your selection by three categories: Slow, Fast, and Weird.

Quite frankly, I could spend days chasing down the rabbit hole. It’s crowd supported, so users can upload music to help expand the project database. The more obscure the country and time, the more enjoyable and addicting it is. So dive in. You can pick and choose, or use the site as a streaming radio service, whatever suits your needs.

You can thank me later.



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  1. My boyfriend is going to looooove this.

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