The Fab Forty

Last night the world got a bit of an early Christmas gift, as the entire Beatles catalog was deposited en masse on the streaming music service of your choice. Back when I was putting together the Best of… playlists for each year of the rock and roll era, the big caveat from 1963 to 1970 was that The Beatles were missing from Spotify, which quite frankly was a blessing since it saved from having to pick just one song from Rubber Soul and Revolver and Abbey Road, etc.

Well now that void has been filled, but rather than go back and adjust those mixes, I put together a playlist of my 40 favorite Beatle tracks for you in one handy playlist, the Fab Forty. (And yes, I’m primarily doing this to avoid making the aforementioned musical Sophie’s Choice. Thank you for pointing that out.) It is arranged pretty much chronologically, all the better to hear the unparalleled transformation that took place in the scant eight years that the band recorded music.

One note though, as convenient as it is to have the entire catalog streaming, please, please, please do not let this be the only way you listen to this music. Pretty much all of it sounds like a muddy, jumbled mess compressed into the minuscule streaming pipeline. If there was ever a stone cold case for physical media, this is it.

Enjoy the playlist. And Happy Christmas to you all.




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