Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler Free Review

Submitted by guest contributor Scott Damiano

I saw Star Wars Episode VII last night.
I had been avoiding much about the movie mainly because of there being too much marketing, especially for a film which has a large enough fan base that it seems they would not even need to show a trailer to promote it. So, I didn’t even have a loose idea of the plot. That being said…

I hate to kill a part of my childhood here, or to set anyone’s hopes too high, but it is by far my favorite of all the films.

First, it has a great story that is very believable within that universe and makes sense given the (roughly) 30 years since the last story. It is interesting, you want to see where it goes, and it sets itself up well both for this film and what will happen in future episodes.

Second, the pace and action were spot on. It had no dull spots yet also wasn’t go-go-go with endless action scenes (such as Transformers). Somehow they seemed to fit more than I thought they could in a movie that is only about 2:00-2:20.

Third, the special effects were superb. A great mix of physical effects and CG. Things blended well not just compared to the previous installments, but even compared to a lot of recent films.

Fourth, it has a good ending to this installment. Although it makes you excited for the next one, it doesn’t feel like a real cliffhanger falling short and making you impatient to see what happens next. It holds up more like Episode IV, good on it’s own.

As for spoilers (which I will not post here), there are two major ones that could potentially get out. So watch what you read and honestly I would try to make it out asap. Not that it would ‘ruin’ the movie, but there will be much greater effect if you go in fresh.


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