Episode 29: The listeners strike back

We are debuting a new segment for episode 29 called Voice of the Listener, and it debuts with our good friend and Rush fanboy Nick Parrucci weighing on with a (foolish) comparison between Radiohead and Rush. I can only assume his judgment was clouded by his giddiness at seeing comedy legends John Cleese and Eric Idle on the same night, though perhaps one too many horchata and rums played a part as well. Before all of that, Shawn and I finally relent and engage in some serious binge watching that the other has been demanding, with Shawn seeking late entry to the Clone Club (#teamHelena) by watching Orphan Black, while I jump on The Flash train with my son. Both of us are kicking ourselves for not giving in sooner. We also talk about all of the fast-breaking Star Wars news, and relaunch the Mundanity Pod Charity Challenge. This time, I agree to do the one thing that I hate above all else Рrun.

Cheers, and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn

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  1. Good luck, Jimmy, w/the running!

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