Episode 24: You gotta play hurt

I’m not going to lie to you, my friends, this is as close as we’ve come to not having a podcast for you since we started this whole mess. I’ve been waylaid by a cold for the past few days, and as of early Saturday night I texted Shawn and told him that I was going to have to punt for this episode, as I didn’t have much of a voice and could not go more than a few minutes without coughing up a lung. Lo and behold though, a little herbal tea and copious cold meds brought me around enough to muddle through, though not without muddling my brain pretty thoroughly. Thanks to some rather hack editing, you don’t hear too much of me coughing, but no amount of editing can hide the fact that I was struggling to retain consciousness at times, as I managed to turn Mad Men and Orange is the New Black into Men in Black, and other feats of chemically-induced linguistic stupidity. It made for a fun time at least, as we give our impressions of the first week of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, rank the late night hosts, and make some rather hilariously uninformed predictions for week’s Emmys.

Sometimes, you just gotta take one for the team and play hurt.

P.S. Wish a happy birthday to Shawn when you see him.

Cheers, and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn

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