New playlist: Working for the man

It’s high time for a new Mundanity pod playlist, don’t you think? In the spirit of Labor Day, this one is all about the working man, and, perhaps because we’ve been watching a little too much Mr. Robot lately, it’s got a bit of a revolutionary bent to it, so we’re coming down firmly on the side of labor (Not, me. I had nothing to do with this quasi-Marxist crap. I for one welcome our rich, successful overlords. All hail capital and the Invisible Hand! – Shawn).

Yes, Shawn, this one is pretty much your worse nightmare, with a heavy dose of working class anthems from Springsteen, Dylan, Lennon, Billy Bragg, and the like. Plus, Wichita Lineman written by Jimmy Webb and performed by Glenn Campbell, one of the great songs of all time. And PJ Harvey, just because she’s awesome.

While you’re mowing down ribs and domestic beers this weekend, though, do what Mick Jagger says and raise your glass and drink to the hard working people, which, considering he’s worth about a gazillion dollars is kind of ironic, but it’s a lovely sentiment nonetheless, and Salt of the Earth is an amazing song, so go ahead do what the man says.

(Ed. note – Musicians really don’t like to work apparently, so there’s more than a few f-bombs and assorted profanities strewn about, so proceed with caution if there are young ears about.)

Here’s the Spotify playlist for your listening and subscribing pleasure.


Cheers, and enjoy your Labor Day holiday!

Jim and Shawn

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