Ask Shawn – “Why have there been so many Doctors and why does he always look different?”

This week’s question is from Byron and Brandon Lomas, Ages 12 & 11 on the topic of The Doctor.  It reads, “Why have there been so many Doctors and why does he always look different?”

Great question, lads!  Before I can explain why there are so many Doctors, it would help to give you a bit of background on The Doctor.  The Doctor is a Time Lord, a member of one of the most powerful civilizations in the known universe.  Until the Great Time War, there were many different Time Lords (both male and female) who travelled through time and space like The Doctor.

Since a Time Lord has responsibility over all of space and time, it takes a long time to do that job.  Because of that, Time Lords live much longer than people from Earth.  A Time Lord has a total of 13 lives, and when a Time Lord is dying, they have the ability to repair themselves through a process called Regeneration.  They can regenerate a total of 12 times and each time they do, their physical appearance changes as well.  A regenerating Time Lord is essentially “replaced” with a new version of his or her self.  Most of the time, they don’t even remember who they are immediately after they regenerate!

All 13 versions of The Doctor (image courtesy of Butters101 @ DeviantArt)

All 13 versions of The Doctor (image courtesy of Butters101 @ DeviantArt)

There have been a total of 13 versions of The Doctor, but has regenerated 13 times!  That math doesn’t add up…but there is an explanation.  The Time Lord High Council granted The Doctor an additional 12 regenerations and The Tenth Doctor really loved the face he had, so he regenerated twice!

Thanks again for the question boys…I hope this helped you understand why The Doctor has had so many faces!

Ask Shawn is a segment on the Mundanity Podcast where our listeners submit questions on any number of topics with the end goal of mining the gold that is the nerdly recesses of Shawn’s little Hobbit mind.  If you would like to submit a question to “Ask Shawn” send us an email to or send us a tweet to us @mundanitypod with the subject line “Ask Shawn”.  If you are lucky, perhaps your question will be read on an upcoming podcast!

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