Thanks for the memories, Dave

We put together some YouTube clips of the favorite David Letterman moments we talked about on the podcast this week. Hope you enjoy revisiting some of these as much as we did!


Here’s a great clip of Calvert DeForrest, aka, Larry “Bud” Mellman:

Dave and Paul go fishing with Chris Elliott:

Some classic “Albert Achievement Awards” from the mid-80s:

Fun with Rupert Jee:

The amazing uncensored (therefore, NSFW obviously) segment with Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler:

Seems fitting that we should use the “Top Ten Things Never Before Said By a Star Wars Character” for our Top Ten list:


James Brown destroys with Sex Machine, There Was a Time and I Got the Feelin’ in 1982:

R.E.M. makes their national television debut (on the same show as Julia Child!) playing Radio Free Europe and So Central Rain in 1983:

Bob Dylan plays Jokerman with backing band The Plugz in 1984 and it is amazing:

Here is the album version of the same song. The one off live version on Letterman is so much better it’s ridiculous.

Warren Zevon plays Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner on his emotional final appearance on the show in 2002. Enjoy every sandwich:

The Beastie Boys had several memorable appearances on Letterman, but this one is a favorite:

Cheers to you, Dave. Thanks for all of the memories. We’ll miss you.


As a bonus, here’s a clip from Amy Schumer’s hilarious last appearance on Letterman.

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