Mad Max: Fury Road reaction mini-pod

Whoa. We saw Mad Max: Fury Road yesterday and were blown away, though disappointed our predicted Pitch Perfect 2/Mad Max fanbase throw down didn’t happen. We weren’t able to record a full podcast for today due to conflicting schedules, so we wanted to share with you this bonus, spoiler-free mini-pod until we can get to the real thing. It was recorded in the car cruising through some of Tampa’s finest neighborhoods while trying to get to the Tampa Aquarium, so apologies for the sometimes shaky sound. To make it up to you, you can hear us get lost on several occasions and Shawn   unwittingly demonstrate the level of dialogue you can expect to hear if you choose to travel Fury Road. We also throw in a few words about the excellent Ex Machina, which you should totally go see as well.

We’re hoping to have a full on spoiler-cast either tomorrow or Wednesday, but for now we hope you enjoy this one.


Jim and Shawn

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  1. You 2 are so effing cute. Getting lost in the middle of the podcast.

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