What is your favorite MCU film?

Hey kids, help us settle an argument from this week’s pod by telling us which of the recent Marvel films is your favorite. Select from the choices below and let us know in the comments below why it is your favorite!

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  1. My kids say Guardians.

    So this is way off topic, but I think you should be gushing @ Chef’s Table on Netflix. Gorgeous, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking. 🙂


    • Your kids are wise beyond their years. Clearly you have raised them right.

      Perhaps one day. My Netflix queue is getting stacked up and the Hobbit is never home long enough to try anything new these days.



      • I am definitely one of the top ten moms in the MCU. 🙂

        Chef’s Table is to be appreciated like a fine piece of art. But worthy of your time. So worthy.


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