Episode 6: Valar Mundanditus, Too

Hello! In  episode 6 of the Mundanity podcast we pour a glass of Dornish red and catch up with our friends from Westeros, so spoiler alert for episodes 1-4 of Game of Thrones. (Note that this doesn’t include the episode that aired last night, Sunday, May 10.) The GoT talk kicks in around the 51 minute mark if you want to avoid any spoilers and descriptions of the Lannister’s prodigious ability to drink wine. Before that, Shawn gives a shout out to Chris and Sue, two charming ladies he met at a recent Minnesota Twins game, and we rank the films of the MCU from worst to first and argue about who gets it right (spoiler alert here, Shawn is totally wrong).

Cheers, and a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of the awesome moms out there not named Cersi Lannister. Thanks for listening!

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