Episode 4: The Summer Movie Preview Extravaganza!

Hello friends, listeners, and Gleeks alike! Episode 4 is the summer movie preview extravaganza, where the guys share with you the movies that they are most looking forward to this summer (and a few that they are not), and debate whether Marvel’s Ant Man will be a must see film of the summer or just a giant missed opportunity (editor’s note: “It’s the latter, definitely.” – JLo). The guys also draft a pop culture All Star Team, so listen in for Shawn’s tortured explanation on why Bill Gates earns a seat at his table, and as Jim reveals his 11-year-old self’s not-so-secret crush on Karen Allen.

Many thanks again to Travel Time with Mickey & Universal for sponsoring this episode, and to our friends The Gita for the awesome theme music.

Cheers and thanks for listening!

Jim and Shawn

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  1. Gleeks? You talking about fans of bad television covers of popular music?


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